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Where the Powerpuff girls live. Also a regional city on the coast of Queensland, Austrlalia.
There is very little that is interesting to do in townsville. Most people entertain themselves by A. Drinking, B. Drinking, C. Shouting. Just outside of Townsville there is "Magnetic" Island, which contrary to popular belief, is actually not magnetic. Common pastimes on Magnetic Island (Or "Maggie", if you lack basic self-respect) are smoking pot and listening to dull folk music.

The vast majority of people in townsville are Bogans, Emos, or if you go to Ignatius Park College, Homosexuals.
Normal person: "Hey, have you ever been overseas?"
Person from Townsville: "Well, I've been to Magnetic Island..."
by Zerotrousers March 25, 2011
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a town on the East coast of Australia, between Brisbane and Cairns.

Young locals might refer to it as "The Ville" in an attempt to make it sound cooler than it actually is.
Most of the population have never lived outside of Townsville, and many have never left. There is a direct link between travelling and hating Townsville: the more time you spend outside of it, the more you start to hate it.
It's claims to fame include Castle Hill (a hill. With a spray painting of an angel on it) and the Sugarshaker (a hideous motel disfiguring the 'skyline').
The largest high schools are Townsville State High School ("Town High". Delinquents and drug addicts), Ignatius Park College (Iggy. The boy's school that gets all the chicks), Townsville Grammar School (Grammar Grubs. Expensive. Snobs. Coke addicts.), St. Margaret Mary's College (Maggots. An all girl's school full of sluts).
Townsville: A city so bogan, even the hills have tattoos.
by gdgfbhsvfv January 14, 2011
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A fictional city which boundries Citysville. Monsters and superp owered supervillians tend to strike this town many times.
by Luigifan12 January 15, 2005
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