A boy who plays with girls feelings and doesn't really like them and would do say anything a girl wants to hear to have sex with them or to get something they want. Fuckboys know what girls want to hear but they hurt so many girls. Once they are a fuckboy,they always will be a fuckboy. If you know a guy is a fuckboy, dont fall for him . Usually fuclboys are cute so yeah and you usually can tell if they are a fuckboy of how they dress and act. He is kinda like a player and hoe
Dude i found out he was a fuckboy so i left his ass.
by Know_itall June 8, 2015
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A guy who lies to girls so he can pull as much ass as possible. He thinks he is gods gift to earth and is usually pretty damn beautiful. He will lie to you about planning a future together and then when you start to get too serious he will ghost you. Fuckboys invented ghosting.

There is only one way to beat a fuckboy. Start dating other guys and ghost him back. His ego can't handle being ignored. No one intends to date a fuckboy, but if you find yourself in love with one, the only way to get him to pick you is to ask God for a miracle because it will never happen. He will likely cheat no matter what. Do yourself a favor, stay away from fuckboys.
Tyler is the biggest fuckboy I have ever met in my life.
by Gowithit March 21, 2016
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A boy, not a man.. who will mislead you into believing they are "different" than others. They will put in a lot of time and effort trying to convince people they are a good person, when in reality they are nothing but scum. They start off being very sweet and convincing you that your "special" but that soon will change when they get what they want. They blame everyone else for their life problems and try convincing people nothing has ever been their fault. They will be very manipulative and convincing but do not fall for it! They will lie to you about everything, they will cheat on you with more then likely multiple girls, they will blame you for it and In the end only break your heart and disappear and then repeat the cycle on another poor naive girl. Fuckboys are the lowest type of scum that walks this earth. They are incredibly fake.
That fuckboy lied to me and broke my heart again! I should've listened to everyone that warned me about him.
by Fuckboy expert February 11, 2017
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Full on narcissistic behavior. He will hunt for prey that he knows he can manipulate because that prey/ she is naive and likes the boy enough to let him treat her with total carelessness of her feelings. He won't give her any validation of what his intentions are.

He will sweet talk her into believing that he actually wants to get to know her and hangout, but he is on a mission for one thing only. Sex. When she tells him that that kind of treatment is disrespectful, he turns the situation around being unaware or in denial of that kind of treatment and makes it more her problem. She won't get a simple apology because he has no empathy or care to. She will hear from him again and the fuckboy will manipulate her into believing that he really does care and that she is cute sweet and fun to hang out with, but never takes her out.... ever. It repeats over and over again for a while with the hope he will change. She may get validation of his uninterest by seeing him with a girl, that the prey didn't know about, that he actually is interested in. He won't tell you about this girl because the fuckboy wants to keep the prey around for sex and backup because he likes the pussy, not her personally. This makes the prey feel used, and weirded out with a bruised ego. This selfish behavior will exist in a man at any age. If she lets the fuckboy get away with it for too long, then it's also more of a personal problem that she needs help with.
Jen: he doesn't really care to get to know me but the sex is absolutely amazing making it hard for me to let go and get attached
Kim: if he doesn't care about you and only wants sex he is a typical fuckboy.

Jen: he'll change
Kim: get over it, you are wasting your time if you're looking for something more. time to move on dumbass
by C a b July 3, 2020
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A guy that goes around fucking girls and then leaving them for another bitch
by Stevet 4.0 November 26, 2015
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An immature, worthless boy who plays with your heart and feelings just so he can get his dick wet but then leaves you in the dirt for another girl and messes her up to. They will never stop, they were born to break hearts
"Collin is such a fuckboy, he told me he wanted to be with me but then he ended up fucking Rachel. I really regret loosing my virginity to that piece of shit
by Lillibeth January 8, 2015
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A guy who plays with one (or many) girl's feelings to get something out of it (like netflix and chill without the netflix)
Wow! Adrian is such a fuckboy!
by eveandamelie December 15, 2015
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