A boy who plays with girls feelings and doesn't really like them and would do say anything a girl wants to hear to have sex with them or to get something they want. Fuckboys know what girls want to hear but they hurt so many girls. Once they are a fuckboy,they always will be a fuckboy. If you know a guy is a fuckboy, dont fall for him . Usually fuclboys are cute so yeah and you usually can tell if they are a fuckboy of how they dress and act. He is kinda like a player and hoe
Dude i found out he was a fuckboy so i left his ass.
by Know_itall June 08, 2015
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A boy, not a man.. who will mislead you into believing they are "different" than others. They will put in a lot of time and effort trying to convince people they are a good person, when in reality they are nothing but scum. They start off being very sweet and convincing you that your "special" but that soon will change when they get what they want. They blame everyone else for their life problems and try convincing people nothing has ever been their fault. They will be very manipulative and convincing but do not fall for it! They will lie to you about everything, they will cheat on you with more then likely multiple girls, they will blame you for it and In the end only break your heart and disappear and then repeat the cycle on another poor naive girl. Fuckboys are the lowest type of scum that walks this earth. They are incredibly fake.
That fuckboy lied to me and broke my heart again! I should've listened to everyone that warned me about him.
by Fuckboy expert February 11, 2017
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A guy who lies to girls so he can pull as much ass as possible. He thinks he is gods gift to earth and is usually pretty damn beautiful. He will lie to you about planning a future together and then when you start to get too serious he will ghost you. Fuckboys invented ghosting.

There is only one way to beat a fuckboy. Start dating other guys and ghost him back. His ego can't handle being ignored. No one intends to date a fuckboy, but if you find yourself in love with one, the only way to get him to pick you is to ask God for a miracle because it will never happen. He will likely cheat no matter what. Do yourself a favor, stay away from fuckboys.
Tyler is the biggest fuckboy I have ever met in my life.
by Gowithit March 20, 2016
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A guy who plays with one (or many) girl's feelings to get something out of it (like netflix and chill without the netflix)
Wow! Adrian is such a fuckboy!
by eveandamelie December 15, 2015
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A boy who wants to stick his dick into every hot girl he sees.

A guide on how to spot this common but disgusting species:

- white Nike tube socks with Adidas sandals

-asks for nudes

-tells you you're the only girl he's talking to

-adds #420 to his bio cause he smoked weed once

- has lots of insecurities
"Omg that boy is such a fuckboy"
"Yeah that one vaping outside McDonald's "
by Asian.barbie January 16, 2017
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Asshole who uses girls for his benefit. He starts off sweet, makes you believe everything you wanna hear. He always lets you down but apologizes to continue demanding more "pics." He pretends to care but his actions never prove any affection. He complains your tits aren’t out enough since you need to show off your assets to other guys. He only sees you at night for sex and never lets you sleep over. He shows up unexpected at night to get in your pants before goin home to bed. He cancels plans cuz he’s busy even if they’re his idea. He forces you to listen to him bitch about the last girl and awful things she did over and over so you believe him. Later you realize he never actually tried when you’re forced to hear him vent how he tried with other women who blew him off. Don’t look past all this even if you care about him. He doesn’t see anything wrong with how he treats you and wants to continue pulling off a kunkel with girls. He trash talks friends, siblings, coworkers to feel better about himself. If you try to stand up to this asshole he’ll deny it and try to turn it on you. He doesn’t care and will wait til you’re at your worst (ie. family dying, your birthday) to end it. When you’re crying in front of him he’ll laugh at you as tears stream down your face. He’ll say he just needs space and isn’t saying it’s done forever so you’re sitting at home waiting. Boys like this are egotistical assholes who can’t be trusted and deserve nothing but the same in return.
Megan: “He tells me he cares about me but why does he hold me to his ex’s mistakes? I wasn’t the one who left his sweatshirt receipt in the shopping bag and stood him up on his birthday. He wouldn’t spend time with me on his birthday because he said I could do the same thing to him”

Maria: “If he cared about you he wouldn’t treat you that way. He should never make you pay for someone else’s mistakes”

Megan: “Sometimes he ignores me when I ask him to hang out, cancels his plans on me, and he cancelled a vacation 2 weeks before that was his idea because he is busy. What the hell is he ‘busy’ with?

Maria: “Maybe you don’t want to know what he was busy with. He’s obviously using you”

Megan: “He showed up at my apartment unannounced last night at 10pm to sleep with me and then went right home”

Maria: “He’s an ass. You can’t let someone use you like that”

Megan: “He refused to let me sleep at his house, even dating him for a year. I almost got in an accident multiple times driving home in snow storms on his back roads. What’s wrong with me that he doesn’t even care about that?”

Maria: “He’s clearly a fuckboy who doesn’t care and has no respect for you at all. You should never let someone treat you that way”
by Wadeisalowlifedick January 30, 2018
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A general piece of shit who is going nowhere in life but thinks he's the greatest gift to mankind and will literally try to steal your money and double cross you. He is literally the scum of the scum on the bottom of your shoe after you have trekked 10,000 miles across the world without ever taking a bath. He is the most vile, disgusting, shithead and will literally poison your world just by being in the same vicinity of him.
Willie Stanfield is the literal definition of a fuckboy.
by HakunaMatata23 May 22, 2015
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