The best type of school. Pupils are both intelligent and civilised.
by BC FTW June 23, 2014
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A school that requires you to take a test and get a certain mark in order to attend in the hopes that intelligent people will get in however this system does not work very well since a lot of idiots manage to get in too
Person 1: ooooooh they went to a grammar school they must be really smart
Person 2: nah, they are actually an idiot
by Hellothere278 June 9, 2021
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A school which had a headmaster who dipped faster than the Italians did from the Axis
Guildford Grammar School, oh yeah, Stevman Weebdoh can shove a dildo up his arse
by lolgamers October 13, 2019
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An all-girls school in Kent that forces its students to wear knee length skirts that resemble that of a nun. It is full of either slags who lost their virginity at 13, druggies who deal on site, or members of the LGBTQ+ community.
‘have you heard of hell?’
‘oh, invicta grammar school? i go there everyday
by wishywashylaundrystick June 17, 2020
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A classic all boys school, where the guys run round grabbing each other's batty's, and obsessing with the dead tings across the other side of the road. Most of these are battymen that are too scared to come out because they'll get rushed by their mandem. Some of these students are often caught simping, like some guys who buy the girls £200 bracelets in the first week of dating. smh.
Boy 1: Look at that simp
Boy 2: He defo goes Aylesbury grammar school
by MrNeverCap April 29, 2020
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Commonly referred to as DGS.

Living hell. The definition of an exam factory and the headmaster is obsessed with Japan (fucking weeb). They use every chance they get to steal your money and the students there live an unbelievably sad life of daily homework and excessive revision. The teachers take it as their number 1 objective to stop you from having fun and their word is always taken over the students. They love to interfere with your already depressing life at whatever chance they get. The teachers act posh when in reality they’re sad weirdos that drive home in their fords every night thinking of the next way to make their students miserable. The teachers have access to all your information at any given time and if a teacher feels like being a prick they can add a note with a false description on you that is reflected system-wise and is therefore used to judge you by other teacher’s. Their computer security is fucking shambolic and some teachers are so nosy with the 24/7 intent to inflict misery upon you. They take pride in useless waffle and telling you their shit stories. The teachers are absolutely jobless. The school is technically a prison, you’re trapped in it, no phones, certain haircuts, forced uniforms, forced equipment and certain obligations. The students do NOT enjoy it here. If you want your child to grow up being a fucking neek that nobody likes then DGS is the place for him. You’re forced to learn some shit languages (japanese and chinese) from year 7.
Ayyo wys g, what school do you go now?
Oh I go Dartford Grammar School now
Yooo I’ve heard that place is absolutely fucking shit, they make you do that shit white sport ennit?
Yh they make us do rugby and trust me the school is so fucking bad

Ahh thats a bit peak for you styll 🤣
by dgs is shit November 29, 2019
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A school full of wannabe roadman like faris, who brag about linking people when they’ve only talked once
“Hey how’s it going with so and so...”

Royal Grammar School fella:”Oh we talked once I think we’re linking now”
by The OG Oof June 22, 2018
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