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A person who insists on seeing boring arty films in order to look cultured and intelligent. Is willing to endure hours of painstaking boredom in order to keep up this image.
Cinemasochist: "I just finished watching the original 'Manchurian Candidate' for the third time"

Normal person: "Dude, you're such a cinemasochist."
by Zerotrousers May 1, 2011
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A large, blunt, metallic object, usually used to dispose of Spies.

Not to be confused with Myspace.
Spy: I never really was on your side...


Person: Thanks, Spymace!
by Zerotrousers December 11, 2009
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Contrary to popular belief, Jesus Christ was actually a mischevious badger...
by Zerotrousers March 28, 2011
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The only rational position to take in relation to the existence of god. Most (but not all) agnostics are leaning towards atheist, meaning they highly doubt that there is a god, but aren't dogmatic enough to rule it out entirely. Some are theists who accept a certain level of doubt for their beliefs, for the sake of being logical.
Theism: "I know for certain that god exists"

Atheism: "I know for certain that there are no gods"

Agnosticism: "I only know that I don't know"
by Zerotrousers July 31, 2010
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A person of the male variety that has no personality of his own, and makes up for it by giving a girl compliments until she, hopefully, at some point in the distant future, may give him a disinterested hand-job while watching Grey's Anatomy.

Not to be confused with a Genuine Guy, the nice guy may give off the appearance of understanding, so that a mentally unstable girl (Probably with an eating disorder or depression) feels like she can trust in him. He sometimes likes to pretend that he has a deep and meaningful side to him in order to get a girl to feel sympathy for him.

Note: On many occasions, a nice guy may seem like he's trying to do what's best for the Girl. This is false. When a nice guy says "You shouldn't be dating X, he's not any good for you", what he is not trying to get you to make the right choice. He's trying to get in your pants, and he's using the lowest possible way of doing so: Deception.

The main difference between normal guys and nice guys is that a normal guy will say what he thinks, whereas a nice guy will say whatever will make a girl the happiest.

In short: If you're a girl, avoid them like the plague.

If you ARE a nice guy, harden the fuck up and form a personality of your own.
When a guy likes a girl:

Normal guy: "Hey, want to go out on a date?"

Nice guy: "I love you, I'll only ever be happy if you're with me, so if you don't go out with me I'll kill myself!"

(Note: Some guy actually used that last line on my girlfriend. What's even more depressing is that she fell for it)
by Zerotrousers March 14, 2011
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Where the Powerpuff girls live. Also a regional city on the coast of Queensland, Austrlalia.
There is very little that is interesting to do in townsville. Most people entertain themselves by A. Drinking, B. Drinking, C. Shouting. Just outside of Townsville there is "Magnetic" Island, which contrary to popular belief, is actually not magnetic. Common pastimes on Magnetic Island (Or "Maggie", if you lack basic self-respect) are smoking pot and listening to dull folk music.

The vast majority of people in townsville are Bogans, Emos, or if you go to Ignatius Park College, Homosexuals.
Normal person: "Hey, have you ever been overseas?"
Person from Townsville: "Well, I've been to Magnetic Island..."
by Zerotrousers March 25, 2011
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The natural habitat for centipedes.
"Eww, I have centipede in my vagina"

by Zerotrousers July 28, 2009
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