The best athlete the world has ever seen. He has no time for women because he is always working out and doing sports. He can beat anybody named case any day of the week and twice on Sunday. he usually is really tall and has a really good sense of humor. He is off the charts smart and just the ideal alpha male.
Every lady wants a townes
by YG D'Squarius judd June 21, 2020
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When somebody lives in a small village, or small town and wants to describe where they live. A town-town is a major town, that most people would know, like Hastings instead or Battle or Crowhurst, which most people would have no idea where they were.
Harry: Hannah, whereabouts do you live?

Hannah: Well, my nearest town-town is Hastings, but I live in Crowhurst, near Catsfield and Battle.

Harry: Oh right, I know Hastings.
by Jessica Winkworth September 25, 2007
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Used to end an argument when you can't think of an appropriate way to end it
by Bobs Hope March 26, 2021
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oakland california is referred to as, "the Town." San Francisco is AKA "The City." Just more of that yay area slanguagisticolics mayne. yadadamean.
We about to cross this bridge and go to the town to buy some purple.
by j-cat December 16, 2005
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