5 definitions by Jessica Winkworth

1. A description used for someone who has done better than you, for instance beaten you in a test or something similar. It is generally used when the other person is showing off and rubbing their glory into your face. It is slightly sarcastic and yet praising at the same time.

2. Also used for a description of something that is utterly amazing or cool, that is usually new and has never been seen before.
1. Amy: Yay! I got 25/25 in my Latin Test Jess!
Jess: Flash pants.

2. Hattie: Have a look at my new pencil case, Callum.
Callum: Wow, flash pants!
by Jessica Winkworth October 19, 2007
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When somebody lives in a small village, or small town and wants to describe where they live. A town-town is a major town, that most people would know, like Hastings instead or Battle or Crowhurst, which most people would have no idea where they were.
Harry: Hannah, whereabouts do you live?

Hannah: Well, my nearest town-town is Hastings, but I live in Crowhurst, near Catsfield and Battle.

Harry: Oh right, I know Hastings.
by Jessica Winkworth September 25, 2007
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Similar to radical, but it means a bit more. Pronounced: RAD-E-CO-LIE but spelt RADICOLI.
Ben: Have you seen the new Starwars game?

Steve: Oh my god yeah it is so radicoli! I think I might buy it.
by Jessica Winkworth September 25, 2007
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Someone in the group who is liked by everyone and is a bit flashy, just like the Gibson guitar.
Tom: Jamie, he's a right Gibson.
by Jessica Winkworth October 19, 2007
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Similar to using retard but harsher. Just like r-tard, but 's' is further down the alphabet so it is crueler. Usually used as an insult.
Jenny: Did you watch Tweenies last night?
Mark: No I didn't you complete s-tard.
by Jessica Winkworth September 9, 2007
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