Bloodz are a heavy based set that represent the colour red. Red being the blood they shed. Black as being the colour that the founder and gang members are. And white as, well i kinda forgot but you kinda catch my drift. Bloodz are a rival to the notorious Cripz. The Bloodz are a world-wide gang.
"Let it rain, let it drip, bust a crip in the lip. Let it fall let em trip flip da crip den drop da crip. Bloodz are red, Cripz are blue, disrespect mah set, we comin foa you.. "
by bRaNdZz June 11, 2007
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A bunch of nigahz beefin with the crips. dey always fight in gangs cuz dey pussies and can't take someone wif nuffin but a mufucking gat. only hardcore nigah on the squad is rap artist "Game" and that niga ain even go no rhymes. Fuck the popos and the mufucking bloodz nigah. west coast for life nigah. Crips fo life nigah.
sum bloodz was beefin with me and i was like BITCH and i pulled out ma gat n me n ma boyz shot ther monkey asses
by CR|P$ F() L|F= October 3, 2006
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a phrase my friend John likes to use.
Black guy wearing all red homey shit, u sau to him "Watup Bloodz?" in a deep voice.
by G-DoG March 5, 2004
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Bloodz Cz is a gang-brotherhood in the CZech REPublic.
It represents the gang Bloodz world-widely.
CRIP CZ: Ay man ,whatchu lookin' at?
MOB ( bloodz cz) : Straight at dead.

Blast him off
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A Park located on 4903 Bennington in Houston, TX. Its a Gang that runs under da Blood in Houston. BTW Fuk yall Melrose CRAB.....
Trinity Gardenz Park AKA Trindy Gardenz AKA Trinidy(ty) Gardenz Bloodz aka TGB aka Trinitay G Bloodz
by TG Bloodz November 24, 2004
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Bloodz CZ is a gang in the Czech Republic and it represents the Bloodz world-widely.
Czech Crip Member: Ayo fool, whatcha lookin' at?
MOB (bloodz cz): Straight at tha dead man.

MOB chops is head off.
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