A smart boy with messie hair that likes to play video games and watch YouTube all day.
But at the same time he is also the most competitive person you will ever meet
Omg did u see maddix he is destroying that kid in Mario kart
by N0ah808 May 5, 2020
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A smart person and is really good at school.
He can lift the other kid over his shoulder if he wanted to.
Did you see how good Maddix is in Fortnite?
by December 2, 2020
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to be exquisitely good at basketball, but still get no playing time.
Look at that Maddix on the Badgers Bench.
by Uzi Jackson January 12, 2023
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Maddix is a royal ruler that always gives and receives mad respect. regarded as outstanding or excellent. In other words,better than you.
Daaaang, no one can ever be as fly as Maddix!
by rogue March 27, 2015
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A boy who doesnt know when to stop usually attracked to someone who looks like the guy from everybody hates chris usually brags about how much better his clothing is then a different kid
wow ross has turned into a maddix i walked in to his room yesterday and saw him jacking off to everybody hates chris
by Jurazz January 9, 2008
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Complete bastardization of Maddox, Other forms include Miffdux, Madcox and Madoxx.

Maddix is teh ghey.
by OutsideTheWall January 22, 2007
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A Maddix Holland is a type of guy who always seems depressed even if he’s not. Claims he was an X. fan from day one but nobody is actually sure. Cries his eyes out when Juice WRLD died. Always in some sort of issue/beef with somebody.
Stop fucking crying your being a Maddix Holland
by Thick boi99 January 30, 2020
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