A disorder of the brain that causes its victims to twitch uncontrollably and to scream incoherently and often with obscene words.
Michael isn't crazy. You have to understand, he has Tourette's syndrome.
by pentozali June 26, 2006
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America's latest example of a double negative, along with Islam.
We can all laugh at HIV, AIDS, cancer, and a legion of other STDs and mental disorders, but - God forbid - we can't ever get away with making fun of some kid saying "FUCKING ASS LICKER" 20 times in twelve minutes.

That's Tourette Syndrome for ya.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e October 18, 2008
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They tendency of liberals to engage in political debate by using foul language, very often a string of foul words in place of content. .
I tried to chat with an online liberal, but he only responded by calling me a series of gutter names. Must have Liberal Tourette Syndrome.
by Larry Horist August 19, 2014
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Sudden, repetitive feline movements or sounds that some people make, seemingly without being aware of it that don't interfere with their lives, but others may look at them as if they are weird.
_____ has Kitty Tourette Syndrome because he/she will be sitting there and all of a sudden start (meowing, purring, cuddling, or swatting at things) like a kitten
by mjollnir59 February 22, 2015
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Occupational Tourette's Syndrome is most often associated with the exclamation of obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks initiated by the fact of being at work. There are two known forms of O.T.S., acute and chronic. This is determined by the type of employment and duration.
Tom: Fu**ing BullSh*t!!! Piece of Sh*t! Son of a Bit*h!

Jake: What's the matter Tom?

Tom: Oh nothing. It just seems as soon as I come to work I start to swear. Don't know what it is?

Jake: Sounds like Occupational Tourette's Syndrome to me.
by Caesar_X August 27, 2010
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When a "liberal" or progressive has no reasonable comeback so they resort to yelling out buzzwords like racism, sexism, islamophobia, xenophobia, Nazi, alt-right, misogynist, MRA, bigot, rape culture, fuck boy, transphobia, patriarchy, white privilige, male privilige, Hitler, etc. This way, they don't have to actually defend their stances and the ignorant public, along with the bias media believe the buzzwords to be true.
We tried to have a fair and balanced debate in class, but Maria had liberal tourette syndrome and kept calling everyone racist nazis.
by spootyhead January 26, 2017
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