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1) When a woman calls or suggests someone is sexist against women, even if they aren't, just to get their way with something.

2) When a woman uses issues women face, sometimes not even exclusively, to guilt-trip or even scare women into support them.

3) Something you can buy from Hillary Clinton to add with your "I'm with her" button.
1) Liz had nothing left to defend her stance once Mark proved it wrong with scientific evidence so she played the woman card and called him sexist.

2) Kristen was falling behind in the vote from women so she decided to play the woman card by saying "we have to stop this war on women" and "I will fight against rape culture" to scare women into voting for her.

3) Only sheeple would pay money to Hillary Clinton in exchange for a woman card.
by spootyhead July 31, 2016
Typically an online bot or troll which acts on behalf of Hillary Clinton. They spend all their time downvoting and reporting anything negative about Hillary, while upvoting anything positive about the her. They will also spread blatant lies to help Hillary out and trick people into siding with her.
Hillbots invaded many libertarian and conservative news sites with erratic and inane pro-Hillary spam.
by spootyhead November 10, 2016
Former president of the United States, habitual liar, adulterer, and alleged serial rapist of young women. Also, in a political marriage with Hillary Clinton.
Bill Clinton tries to act like Fonzy, but is actually Quagmire.
by spootyhead October 9, 2016
A twist on liberals claims that they are morally superior because they are tolerant of everyone. In actuality, many modern liberals are anything but tolerant of others - especially if they have opposing views or happen to be a white male (straight or gay). They also resort to personal attacks, slander, death threats, and even violence. Of course, the very "liberals" who this represents this will claim it's a "conservative conspiracy theory" as well as modern liberals who do not wish to criticize the radicals in their party.
The "peaceful protesters" showed their liberal tolerance on the reporters and police.
by spootyhead December 22, 2016
Someone who despises or hates males. They usually talk about patriarchy and male privilege. While not all feminists are this way, many who identify as such and lead the movement are. Women that hate men enough will delve into political lesbianism and men who hate men enough will continuously denounce all men. The majority of people who have written definitions for men, boys and male are definitely misandrists.
Michelle told everyone at the female empowerment luncheon that she despised all men, she's clearly a misandrist.
by spootyhead August 21, 2016
A belief derived from feminist ideology that women, no matter their sexual orientation, should not be heterosexual because men are the enemy - in their eyes. It is fairly controversial, as it's typically used as a tool for horny lesbians to trick straight women into hooking up with them. Another controversial aspect is the fact that it is saying you can choose your sexual orientation, something the gay community definitely does not agree with.
Political Lesbianism is probably something Rachel Maddow and Rosie O'Donnell have used to get into straight women's pants.
by spootyhead November 10, 2016
A slogan used to make fun of people who allow their emotions to override reality when it contradicts their desired narratives. These people suffer from post truth and tend to be victims of fearmongering. The term is primarily directed towards people on the left, primarily SJWs or Progressive "Liberals." This is because while both sides of the political and social spectrum have their issues, the left has a major problem with policing their radicals and mentally ill, allowing them into positions of leadership and authority.
The feels over reals people suffer from cognitive dissonance as they claim they care about facts and reason despite spreading lies and fear.
by spootyhead January 24, 2017