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The founder of Planned Parenthood and a feminist icon. It was not called "planned parenthood" when first opened, though, they were simply abortion clinics. The first three were opened in predominantly poor, black neighborhoods. She was a proud eugenicist and white supremacist who wanted the races to be pure. Unfortunately, she's championed as a hero by everyone from Tina Fey, to Hillary Clinton and nearly every democrat, liberal, and feminist. The refusal to admit what she actually stood for is so strong I will not be surprised if this definition is either not accepted or gets massive downvotes.
"Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated." - Margaret Sanger
by spootyhead January 29, 2017
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Concerned at the extreme double standard at play with the definitions for gentleman and lady, I decided to take a definition from the former and swap it for the latter:

Something very rare today. A woman who is respectful and considerate of those around her. Acts politely. Treats men and women with respect. Says thank you when helped, wears nice clothes, and is elegant. What more women should be. Because regardless of what feminists may tell you, treating people with respect and being polite doesn't give you "internalized misogyny" or make you a "traitor" or whatever. It makes you a good person and will really benefit you in life.
When we went out, she listened to my stories, gave me a box of chocolates, and thanked me for a wonderful night with a kiss on the cheek. She was such a classy lady.

Sally: Hello Miss, it's nice to meet you.

Woman: Same to you, dear.
Other person: Sally is a polite young lady
by spootyhead January 12, 2017
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A twist on liberals claims that they are morally superior because they are tolerant of everyone. In actuality, many modern liberals are anything but tolerant of others - especially if they have opposing views or happen to be a white male (straight or gay). They also resort to personal attacks, slander, death threats, and even violence. Of course, the very "liberals" who this represents this will claim it's a "conservative conspiracy theory" as well as modern liberals who do not wish to criticize the radicals in their party.
The "peaceful protesters" showed their liberal tolerance on the reporters and police.
by spootyhead December 22, 2016
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When a "liberal" or progressive has no reasonable comeback so they resort to yelling out buzzwords like racism, sexism, islamophobia, xenophobia, Nazi, alt-right, misogynist, MRA, bigot, rape culture, fuck boy, transphobia, patriarchy, white privilige, male privilige, Hitler, etc. This way, they don't have to actually defend their stances and the ignorant public, along with the bias media believe the buzzwords to be true.
We tried to have a fair and balanced debate in class, but Maria had liberal tourette syndrome and kept calling everyone racist nazis.
by spootyhead January 26, 2017
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Someone who despises or hates males. They usually talk about patriarchy and male privilege. While not all feminists are this way, many who identify as such and lead the movement are. Women that hate men enough will delve into political lesbianism and men who hate men enough will continuously denounce all men. The majority of people who have written definitions for men, boys and male are definitely misandrists.
Michelle told everyone at the female empowerment luncheon that she despised all men, she's clearly a misandrist.
by spootyhead August 21, 2016
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A widespread spoof of modern, first world feminism and the many trivial things most feminists complain about. It is also sometimes used to call out double standards that men face due to their gender. However, it is not a real movement for equality despite the claims of many who get upset over it existing.
Amy: Are you a meninist, rob?

Rob: No, I can't be because meninism is a satirical take on feminism and nothing more.

Amy: *runs out of the room crying*
by spootyhead March 30, 2015
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