An individual who acts in an extraordinarily homosexual way and to a point which is too much even for other homosexual people.
This person doesn't actually have to be homosexual though (and often isn't)

The next step up from fruity
Damn, this homie is gay on a whole other level. He's so tropical that he refuses to even look at women in order for his world to be 100% cock and balls
by SuburbanRastafarian March 22, 2022
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A derivation of the word "cool" simultaneously being discovered across the majority of English speaking nations.

1. Of, occurring in, or characteristic of severe state of rad
2. An expression of admonishment for such an extreme amount of cool, it becomes extremely hot and humid, often steamy
Thank you officer, thank you for having such a tropical outlook on this situation
by thelifeofbrian November 9, 2010
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Foot loose and fancy free. A feeling of pure euphoria or ecstasy. Can also be used in agreement to something.
"Oh wow that new mock-croc clutch bag is totally tropical pal."
by super_blondey May 28, 2015
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happy , feeling good , relaxed. meaning anything good. *coined from fiesty in "for the love of ray j"
Ray J: its a really nice day!

Fiesty: yeah! its tropical!
by kAndi * April 14, 2009
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a term coined by two skaters in iowa in place of the words cool, awesome, or gnar to describe the pure intense awesomeness of an occurring event. tropical is always said while giving the middle finger to add to the extremeness.
"dude john just traded his car for three Swedish prostitutes."

"tropical man."
by iowaaa July 13, 2009
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a word used when something is cool or awesome.
boy: listen to this tune i found

other boy: yeah man that's Tropic


person: yo you wanna go get a sandwich in town?

other person: yeah tropic man.
by Mix-cat January 21, 2012
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