To name something as funny or dumb like the other person got pwned. pronounced like you're saying two but in a high loud way
1:Dude, i got killed 78 times.

1:Hey I sold my new PSP for $25.
by DJ SKII May 15, 2010
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Tou is derived from the name Touey-Flouey..or fatty (he responds to either). His bday is comin up and his friends are throwing him a surprise party (that he knows about). he eats a lot and has a mohawk. he thinks hes emo, but hes a fat prep. lol
girl: touey flouey yer fat
tou: yes, i am.
by Lia_Tia March 11, 2005
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A verb whcih means to beat severely or the process of beating and/or completely pwning.
"We're going to tou them due to their lack of skill."

by botld92z January 22, 2006
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In a spelling test Jackson Parker was asked, how do you spell 2. He looked to the boys said malo lele, pulled 2 lines of ice and said β€œT-O-U”, this is Jackson Parker, addicted to ice and can’t spell 2.
Boss: How many tiles do you have left?
Jackson: Tou
via giphy
by Hayleyleftyouread September 18, 2020
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