What you up to?
What are you up to?
What are you doing?
hey, wuu2?
nm, u?
by in5 & jono May 9, 2004
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One of the worse msn phrases to use.
meening: What you up too?
young 10 yr olds use it seeming that there cool
but there just to lazy and thick to type the phrase
It tends to piss people off alot
So i suggest you dont use it
Laura: hello
Sam: hay
Laura: wuu2?
Sam: nothing much you?
by fuckthescene September 16, 2006
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short for: what you up to. used mainly by brits.
by ebgamer March 9, 2011
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What some may think of as a lazy way to say what you up to??? Others prefer to have a larger outlook on the ever amusing wuu2?

It doesn't have to be used over txt or msn...

Whats this you say???

Yes that is right..

It can be used face to face in everyday situations..

This is how to break the ice or the awkward silence (turtle) using wuu2? >
A silence takes place in everyday life:
Person 1: wuu2?
Person 2: nm wbu?
Person 1: nm idk...
Person 2: k
Person 1: kwl
Person 2: la bo
Person 1: xx
by Chubz March 9, 2008
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What you up to
by Lingard August 30, 2017
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what you up too too day
Me - hey x
Other person - hey x
Me - wuu2 2d ? x

Other person - nm want to meet up :) xx
by sweeneytoddy June 14, 2011
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"What you up to?" or "What are you up to?"
I'm chilling in my sofa wuu2
by Itsmandem March 29, 2017
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