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The most over rated football team in London, 99% of fans think they are as good as Barcelona and they have a Cock sitting on a basketball for a badge. Envious of their North London rivals Arsenal who completely own them in every way possible, (ground, kit, fans, sponsors, headlines, players, manager etc)

Tottenham have a wheeler-dealer judas manager named Harry "back-hander" Redknapp, he pays over the odds for any player going and will leave his club at the slightest sniff of a better paid opportunity.
Aaron: Did you see Tottenham Hotspur get spanked by (insert any team here) at the weekend?

Kev (Spurs fan in denial): Yeah but we were playing our reserve team anyway (lies) so didn't care, just wait till they come to White Hart Lame.

Aaron: I'll wait and I'll laugh at you AGAIN you dirty yid.
by Luckymeh September 23, 2010

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A bum nugget is a small piece off poo around your butt hole, created from wiping excess skid marks after you have taken a number 2.
I was banging this hot chick doggy style and could see a bum nugget around her butt hole
by Luckymeh September 23, 2010

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A quote queen is someone whose life revolves around positive and motivational quotes they come across . Their Facebook is littered with motivational quotes on a daily basis, their WhatsApp picture is quote text and their Instagram is crammed with positive quotes much to the annoyance of everyone around them.
Edgy Insta Chick; "Don't trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar". "Maybe one day we'll finally learn to love ourselves and stop apologising for the things that make us who we are".

Normal person; I wish that stupid bitch would stop with the life quotes and keep her BS thoughts to herself, basic Quote Queen .
by Luckymeh July 04, 2017

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