A person who is unwilling to spend money.
We need a car and have money to spend but my husband is being a Wenger.
by Socceroo90 August 31, 2013
Someone who has been at a place or thing way to long and needs to leave
"He's been there all day, that Wenger!"
by deiboldt March 19, 2017
Another word to mean stupid/stupidity. Wengerlism is the act of doing something over and over again expecting different results without shame.
He is some special kind of WENGER.
by JastJo March 4, 2017
When you want to get rid of a person/object but it is stuck to you till forever. You also call a greedy or a person that doesn't like spending money a Wenger .
1. Damn guys this leach is a wenger .
2. Fares Aly, stop being a wenger !
by cap_kad April 22, 2017
A person who is unwilling to spend any money
An unpopular person who wants to get attention
My husband is such a Wenger, he doesn't even want to spend any money on food.
by the f.a March 27, 2019
the best football manager ever, which is the reason he just beat fergie for the manager of the decade award. Also the only manager to ever go undefeated for a full season. But whenever someone is just too good, people love to hate.
Did you see Wenger go undefeated for an entire season?
by wengerite March 25, 2011
A whiny person with an accent which makes you feel physically sick.
That Nikki from Big Brother is a right fucking Wenger!
by Steve Edwards July 12, 2006