Scottish (Glaswegian) - affected swagger, braggish attitude and (mis)behaviour.
That boy reckons he's gallas in his sr nova with his new kappa shell suit pumpin oot Tam Wilson's happy hardcore.
by ScottW April 11, 2006
Goblin greeting after anouncing one's home.
Welcome to the ancient bushcave of Uncle Barry! Galla Galla Galla Galla
by StonedJedi June 7, 2018
Scottish Gaelic for bitch. "Galla" is used to describe somebody (male or female) who is a nasty or annoying peronality or as an explitive: "A ghalla!" ("Oh fuck!")
A ghalla! Thug thu chreach dhomh!": "Fuck! You screwed me over!" (lit. "Oh bitch! You gave ruin to me!")

Taigh na Galla ort!: "Fuck/damn you!" (lit. "House of the Bitch on you!")

Càr na Galla!: "Damned/fucking/bloody car!" (lit. "Car of the Bitch!")

Tha Ann Coulter 'na siùrsach na Galla: "Ann Coulter is a fucking bitch." (lit. "Ann Coulter is a whore of the Bitch.")
by Lorelili February 14, 2006
Galla is an ancient name of the Oromo people of Ethiopia. but the oromos don't preferred to be called Galla. Galla means free men or brave warriors. Galla was first mentioned in history around the 9th century according to historical documents
The Gallas destroyed the Abyssinians kingdom in the 16th century
by Professor Jonathan Melaku February 15, 2021
When you pound the girl so hard that her tits start bleeding
Yo my boobs are so sore my boyfriend dirty Galla me last night
by Higihihigivigihih May 6, 2020
a city girl; a girl version of urban balla
(eg. someone from nyc whos fresh and down with it)
by ryda September 26, 2004