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Scottish (Glaswegian) - affected swagger, braggish attitude and (mis)behaviour.
That boy reckons he's gallas in his sr nova with his new kappa shell suit pumpin oot Tam Wilson's happy hardcore.
by ScottW April 11, 2006
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Scottish Gaelic for bitch. "Galla" is used to describe somebody (male or female) who is a nasty or annoying peronality or as an explitive: "A ghalla!" ("Oh fuck!")
A ghalla! Thug thu chreach dhomh!": "Fuck! You screwed me over!" (lit. "Oh bitch! You gave ruin to me!")

Taigh na Galla ort!: "Fuck/damn you!" (lit. "House of the Bitch on you!")

Càr na Galla!: "Damned/fucking/bloody car!" (lit. "Car of the Bitch!")

Tha Ann Coulter 'na siùrsach na Galla: "Ann Coulter is a fucking bitch." (lit. "Ann Coulter is a whore of the Bitch.")
by Lorelili February 13, 2006
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