1) Person of Yiddish descent
2)Jewish person
3) Tottenham Hotspur Fottball Club supporter (originated due to the large yiddish community in that area of London)
by Bigrattus June 5, 2003
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An Eastern European Jew. The term is often interpreted as offensive, which is a major misconception. The word Yiddish is not offensive, so neither is Yid. The word Yid is used to differentiate between an Eastern European, Yiddish-speaking Jew and an Israeli, Hebrew-speaking Jew.
Simeon is a Yid. However, he prefers to be called Jewish.
by GuidoPosse69 February 1, 2005
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my 5th grade teacher called me a yid and a hebe. So the Canadian Jewish Congress came in and kicked her ass.
by SemiticPrincess June 1, 2004
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a jew. or just a derogatory term for someone you dislike.
you fucking yid cunt! get off my chair!
by davef February 12, 2004
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an extremely large and hairy individual
glenn richards is a big yid
by Aaron Phallace September 3, 2008
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A yid is an annoying, short-arsed git, and they generally walk around with their chest puffed out and speaking in an irritating form of the English accent. They usually barrack for shit English soccer teams.

They may occasionally go on local soccer forums, telling people to stop bitching about flares at soccer games, when they're only about 5'2" themselves... This (among many other things) often causes people to wonder why THEY of all people would bring up terms like "bitch" in the first place....
(When people see a yid, this common discussion usually ensues...)
Gooner: Hey, look over there, lads... a yid!
Twiggy: Wanker
Lofty: Naht
Danish: Yiddo bastard...
Bruiser: Hahaha!
by Aussie Gooner November 12, 2007
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Slang for someone who is Spastic
Look at Billy over there he's a propper Yid that guy
by Nihility January 31, 2004
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