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Sex dressed as a kittie whilst engaging in the graceful act of enchilada frisbee.

Often involves saucers of milk.

A favourite foreplay pastime of furries.
Example: Dawn wanted to do some torting but Sidge was more interested in scratching furniture.
by minasidge September 18, 2013
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A slang term used by members of the baking community and pastry chefs to describe sexual intercourse of the vagina or anus whereby the size and girth of the male sex partner literally feels like the female is being split in half just like Torting, in baking terms, is the splitting of a single cake in half.
Jannette: How was your date last night with Melvin after you all finshed your kitchen shift?
Renee: I can barely walk today.
Jannette: Why?
Renee: He took me back to his place and we had wild animal sex. He was so engorged that when I let him walk down Mud Avenue I thought he was Torting me.

Jannette: Wow! I know the feeling.
by Eaton Holgoode February 18, 2014
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tortilla tossing; throwing tortillas into the yards of your enemies, friends, or random strangers until their yard is covered in tortillas, then driving away into the night unnoticed.
I have an excessive amount of tortillas left over from the fiesta, let's go torting later tonight!
by wildebeast April 08, 2012
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Torting is to hit the booty of a goat while screaming "I'M GONNA SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER" at the top of your lungs. Future tense: will tort, past tense: torted.
"Okay, stand up, you can sit down cause Im gonna start. Torting is hitting the booty of a goat while screaming Chandelier by Sia at the top of your lungs, kay?"
by moonfuzzwolf05152 July 26, 2018
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