an ape of a girl 🦍❤️ (usually responds to Chloe, may also react to Sophia)
yo did you see that shordie last night, that bitch chloe. holyyyyyyyyy she was a unit.
by snakattack August 23, 2019
Just An Expression Used By A Person With Different Meanings . It Could Be A Younger Person , A Friend , Somebody They Talk To , Or Etc
Thats My Shordy.

I let Shordy borrow my strap to get down.
Chill shordy you trippin'
by Trillgoddess June 9, 2017
Shordy is the best of girlfriends, truly the number 1.

She makes sure to consider everyone, so much that she may forget to prioritise herself.

That said: she has a face that, although insanely beautiful, can make a man shit himself.

But that is if she doesn’t smile, because the few times she does, it is clear that her smile can only make someone happy.

She has a tongue unlike any other, one that can do miracles ;)
And don’t even get me started on her back dimples...
If you’re lucky enough to have a Shordy in your life, make sure to cherish what you have.
Oh! Is that Shordy in Zugerland?
Oh yes! She must be buying yet another sex toy.
by Shordy’sBae August 31, 2021
Roots tracksuit, acrylics, Air Force 1s, bubble jacket, jansport backpack, edges laid, false lashes
Yeye I’m a Toronto shordy
by lele2328 December 22, 2019