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(Also spelt top-y, toppy) Topy is when something feels like it's about to hit top, like a comment getting many likes or a top comment in a webtoon! Topy was first used by yeetus-one-feotus in a game of drawception, in which they used the word to describe a game that was very well drawn and felt like it'd get many likes, thus making it TOP!
Person 1: "This game feels topy."
Person 2: "What even is topy it's not a word."
Person 3: "It is a word now!"
by SwanZwei May 18, 2019
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temple ov psychick youth, fans/devotees ov thee trance band Psychic T.V. Initiation into thee temple is varied and open to variation, but is not achieved simply by attending a rave or concert. Acts ov Magick including Sigils provide initiates with personal rituals on there own terms.
"Yo G I got an air bubble in the middle of my TOPY frogurt size of a damn quarter."
"'Taint an air bubble, P, but the unholy emissions of Yog Shoggoth, powerful magick, fair or foul.
by Soccer Fakir August 21, 2003
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