a female so in tune with her own blood magnetism and menses that she tunes into gravitational and otherwise molecular indicators of incongruety or malevolence as a means of being at one with states of change in past, present and future conditions connected with her environment.

a psychick of this magnitude can be recognized by her oceanic logic which connects cause and effect precisely, awareness of specific dietary or medical conditions of others, reliance on acute senses and intuition, and in some cases her ability to go flipmode and prevent clandestine plotting or otherwise unsuspected strategies of deception.
That psychick sussed them out so long ago that all she had to do was wait for them to realize how ridiculous their scheming actually was.
by thee radical elcectic September 15, 2006
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A female that is part psycho part psychic.. thus psychick..
That girl is psychick, man she's a trip.
by krimsonrayne August 6, 2006
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