Topi on komea hyvä tyyppi ja urheilullinen

Sekä sosiaalinen. Hänellä on usein tyttöystävä ja elämä menee hyvin
Topi IS sometimes agressive and good to fight
He is Topi
by Topi October 22, 2018
Ginger with a surprisingly big penis. Might be seen fucking your dad/mom/sister/brother/dog.
This lad's an absolute topi. He should be locked up in the looney bin.(
by jamal abdi June 4, 2017
hindi word for cap, hat etc.
Where is my topi?
Where is Aneel topi?
by fahad momin November 19, 2007
(Also spelt top-y, toppy) Topy is when something feels like it's about to hit top, like a comment getting many likes or a top comment in a webtoon! Topy was first used by yeetus-one-feotus in a game of drawception, in which they used the word to describe a game that was very well drawn and felt like it'd get many likes, thus making it TOP!
Person 1: "This game feels topy."
Person 2: "What even is topy it's not a word."
Person 3: "It is a word now!"
by SwanZwei May 18, 2019
temple ov psychick youth, fans/devotees ov thee trance band Psychic T.V. Initiation into thee temple is varied and open to variation, but is not achieved simply by attending a rave or concert. Acts ov Magick including Sigils provide initiates with personal rituals on there own terms.
"Yo G I got an air bubble in the middle of my TOPY frogurt size of a damn quarter."
"'Taint an air bubble, P, but the unholy emissions of Yog Shoggoth, powerful magick, fair or foul.
by Soccer Fakir August 21, 2003
Topie is a very amazing friend very very veryyyy childish and acts very inocent she is very nice but to mostly one person when u get on her bad side she will ignore you for one day then she acts like nothing happened the next day . She really will be good in a relationship but not for long . As a friend at first she will acts very nice and stuff but she has one certain friend who she will always love the most and will get jealous of . Bu t in general she is a amazing person and very nice.
omg topie is amazing but omg she how many chins is that
by chicken._.nugget June 25, 2019
Topie is a nickname for a girl who will change you life. This girl is pretty and funny but not too athletic. Caramel brown hair and eyes. She is flawless without acne... for now. She is a sweet and kind hearted girl who will often annoy you, but deep down, she is very loving. She can break but repair hearts as well. She is an enthusiastic and outgoing person that is fun to be around. Extremely innocent and a bit childish. She is also very strange and weird but most people love her for that.
Person A: Did you see Topie last week in class.
Person B: I know right! Flawless skin and no acne!
Person A: No fair!
by nerdy._.bug June 25, 2019