The comment on a youtube video that has the most number of "likes".
"ima take a shit for 30 min, when i come bacc i expect this to be the top comment"
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3CheWy211 2 months ago 40

From "Street Battle | Tah Phrum Duh Bush vs Likwuid Stylez"
(also known as "worst rap battle" on youtube)
by PKN_Math October 7, 2011
A person who seems to stalk you on the world wide web, always first to comment/reply to any status update, tweet, blog posted by you. Family would assume you are the closest of friends, but in actuality you barely know this person. Band members or other public figures are frequent prey to this kind of predator.

In some cases, when your social life has become breached and a parent has become your facebook friend; this person is almost always said parent, which tends to discourage you from posting all together.
"I am being punished so hard right now by my top commenter on facebook. This 40 year old lady I met once in Utah has an off-the-wall "See More" comment for everything I post, she's a total status killer!"

See also: Status Killer, Punisher, "See More"

Alternate Example: "Oh man, I had the craziest night last night. I wanted to post a pic but "top commenter" would be all over it, I can't let him/her in like that..."
by thefoldrock May 8, 2011
One of the first Youtube comments you usually see when you scroll down the comment section. Depending on how you chose to sort it, it would be the most liked comment or the most recent. Top comments are usually clever, expressive or just completely random.
P1" I want the Top Youtube comment(s)!"
P2" Duh lets play Russian Roulette. Every 5th like wins"
by Shipyetshipwreck August 10, 2016