The Tooheys beers, which are popular in New south wales, Australia, at the moment are the creativly named "new" and "old" types. It's cheap and its ok! see XXXX, VB, beer and franziskaner
I drink Tooheys new because it is cheap and cheerful.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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More commonly referred to as Pooheys, it is not a beer, just a cheap, nasty, tasteless imitation.
Commerce Poof: "lets go to PAs"
Eng Dude: "dude, it's a pooheys pub. i'm not drinking that crap!"
by Rich June 23, 2004
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Disgusting swill not fit for human consumption. See pooheys.
"Somebody brought pooheys to this party, lets stab them."
by david June 23, 2004
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the most common name for a person who has rectal disorders
man:hey dylan do u have problems concerning your toohey?
Dylan: the only problem i have is a rectal one in my rectum :D
by Alexl2e June 13, 2007
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No words can capture the pure beauty of Ethan Toohey. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2006, Ethan was a courageous warrior until the monster took him over in the final battle of his life. Although cancer might've claimed his body, it has in no way shape or form claimed his compassionate, brave spirit. He has pulled together people from all across the US to make a stand against childhood cancer and inspired people to strive to do their best each and everyday. He has taught us all that each day we wake up is a gift and to live with no regrets. His 5 year battle was never lonely, as he had the whole town of New Hope behind him every step of the way, even though he never showed any reason for us to worry. Throughout it all, Ethan fought through his battle with his head held high and not once did anyone ever hear him mutter a complaint as to why, out of all people, did this happen to him. Ethan touched the hearts of everyone he met and he could light up a whole school with his presence. This inspiring 15 year old boy taught us all that no matter how hard of a day you might think you're having, you should take time to step back and think about how lucky you have it. Ethan, you are sorely missed in the hearts of many. May your soul carry on and bless the other spirits in heaven that you meet. Every time we see rays of sunshine down here in New Hope, we'll know it's you shining your warming light through the halls again. Rest In Peace. Gone but never forgotten.
I don't want to run this mile today.

Ethan Toohey did a lot of things he didn't want to do for five years. I'm pretty sure you can take 10 minutes out of your day to run one mile.
by newhopelovesethan September 14, 2011
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The greatest Australian beer ever made. It is a Black Ale which has brewed and bottled in New South Wales since 1869 (and also available on tap at most pubs througout NSW) and commonly referred to simply as "Old". Unlike most commercially brewed Australian lagers (i.e. Foster's, Victoria Bitter, XXXX) which almost taste like tap water, Old possesses a full bodied flavour which makes it awesome.
Random Drinker: "TOOHEYS OLD, drink it cold..."

Drinker at Pub: "Yeah, can I have a schooner of OLD thanks?"
by 3xS August 29, 2010
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such a swag man, instant orgasm when near him.... 10/10 MEGA THICC ;))))
bob: man she lookin like a Kye toohey
bill: yessir
by Lucidist July 02, 2021
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