yiddish for butt.
Commonly associated with Tushi (yiddish for buttocks).
Also used in "Jew Crew" Slang

Damn, that guy has a nice toochis!
by CrazyDelicious January 7, 2006
toochie is a word used for a very hairy vagina
by Basic.Bunny February 27, 2022
The name Toochi is a Nigerian name which means "Praise God" and is of Igbo origin.
Person A: Hey, Toochi how are you doing today?

Toochi: I’m doing good, how about you? :)
by tmoneyyy:)) November 21, 2021
One who has a very tight walls in other words a very tight coo hue
Jeremy: broo that three way last night was wack bro

Doug: Ik bro she had a good toochie
by Anuslover01hoe March 29, 2019
Money an ex-spouse must pay in support to a man she/he married because he had a hot body.

Also see tittie tax.
-Did you hear Barbara and Dan are getting divorced after only ten months?

-She's going to have to pay a hefty toochis tax to get out of that one.
by Jareau September 1, 2009