Very intelligent relentless race. One of the major tribes in Niger i7a. Usually domiciled in the southern and South Eastern part of Nigeria. They are very good travellers. You'll find an Igbo native in every part of the world and are high performers in foreign countries than their own country because of the political hate and blackmail on the Igbo tribe, thus creating a political atmosphere that doesn't permit competent Igbo men and women a place at the helm of affairs in their own nation.

Igbos are known to be business men and women. They are perceived to be born business experts. Reason is because of the aftermath of the Nigerian civil war where the Igbos were starved of resources for quick economic recover. They were forced to fend for themselves and device means to survive without government intervention. However, they still need the coexistence of other tribes. For there's improvement in diversity. But other tribes always believe they don't need Igbo's and will always hate.

IGBOS are welcoming and friendly. Many tribalistic and hateful people will always speak bad about the Igbo tribe. There's no change to that. Igbo's have learnt to live with it and carry on with their happy lives.

Other Nigerian tribes are subconsciously sceptical about the abilities of an igbo man. Irrespective of those fears. They do not know that if they apply such wisdom in the politics and governance of Nigeria. Nigeria will be better.
You are so smart and hard working. Are you Igbo?

You like money like an Igbo man.

Most hated tribe in Nigeria for their diligence and hard work..

Often perceived to be loud and too forward.

Self dependent
by Undilutedhonesty September 14, 2019
An african language used by the Igbo tribe.
This is how to speak Igbo: owo uwu owo uwu (seriously look on google translate)
by alibabayallu69 March 7, 2019
Smart, hardworking people who win scholarships to attend top 50 colleges in the United States. Great athletes, too.
Over a quarter of the black hard science majors in the US are Igbo.
by Naija girl October 25, 2003
One of the many tribes in Nigeria and is one of the most prominent ones
P1: I am from Nigerian
P2: Cool what tribe?
P1: Igbo, you?
P2: Yuroba
P3: So your place is full of people running around naked throwing spears?
P1&P2: Get out.
by HELO999 January 12, 2016
-Gay Guy/Lesbian Chick: Hey i love to bowl, Im gonna join IGBO. High Five!!

-Gay Guy: Ohh Noooo! Im kicked off the team because of my orientation.
-Other Gay Guy: Join IGBO, its non-discriminatory, and a blast.
by Barstow March 26, 2009