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A political prostitute is being defined as a person who is bearing more than one political parties membership card.

He or she may belong to a ruling party and maybe giving a policy office, but as soon as that party lose election, he quickly denounce his membership and joins a new elected party into office.
Such is term as political prostitute or where.
A political prostitute is being defined as eg sarpong belongs to NDC party today 2016 because it is the party in government.

Come November 7 elections, NPP wins the election and sarpong turn from NDC and join NPP.
by Samuel sarpong February 25, 2016
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Turncoats, party switchers, any action by politicians done obviously for self gain, fame and nothing else related to public service with favors or exchange perceived to be involved.
By filing that case everyone knows is bullshit after receiving budget for so-called projects, it became painfully obvious that senator for many years degraded into a mere political prostitute.
by O_H May 24, 2016
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One who's beliefs align with one political party but sell out and votes for another party based on the sole reason of "they won't win"
Look over there Jimmy. That guy is a political prostitute because he sold himself out and voted for another party he didn't agree with just because he thought they could win.
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by Cjmar December 27, 2020
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