Poor kaneki did nothing wrong and had his world came falling down, then he turns out to be really cool and crazy after being tortured for a while
Jason: *cracks index finger*

Kaneki: *cracks index finger*
by Dokidokitodoroki April 04, 2020
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A two sided person. The first side is cute and innocent. The other is a complete badass and hot.
Person: i didn't know they were such a kaneki
by Jason_JaSoN July 13, 2020
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A little snugglemuffin who has done nothing wrong and has never been mean to anyone but still get bullied and has it rough.
"Yo man, it's okay, you were just the Kaneki of the situation!"
by SnugglemuffinStatus February 08, 2015
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black haired: a kawaii snuggle muffin who did nothing wrong
White haired: bad ass motherfucker that is hot af
Look! A wild KANEKI KEN appeared!
by Kawaii desu July 02, 2015
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A sweet cute boy that will do anything to please anyone. As a ghoul has had a hard life but is a hot ass fucker.
by G0lftheplayer July 27, 2015
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1) The main character in a show called Tokyo Ghoul.

2) Someone who didn’t deserve any of the bad things that happened to him
Sane person: Kaneki Ken is an amazing guy who deserves a happy ending.
by Kholl0238 January 01, 2018
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