Toki's tend to be cynical and sarcastic, but are known to also be silly, dorky, and funny. He can be the sweetest, most loving person to those he cares about. Toki's also tend to be horny fucks but it's okay.

Toki's love PC games and get very competitive and slightly toxic when it comes to them. He also loves cats and dogs but tends to be allergic to one of the two.

He is the most ridiculous person you'll ever meet (in a good way).
"I'm so glad I married a Toki."

"I wish I had a Toki."

"I'm never gaming with that Toki again."
by boexe December 21, 2019
can fit 3000 glizzys in mouth
Toki is a throat goat
by Spookzy August 29, 2020
1.Toki wartooth. He's not a bumblebee... But, he is amazing. As matter of fact, he's everything BUT a Bumblebee.
2. Toki's parents are Anja and the Reverend Aslaug Wartooth, two extremely religious people who never speak, smile, or show any emotion whatsoever. They live in an abandoned village near Lillehammer, Norway. Toki is 27 years of age. In the episode "Dethdad," Toki finds out that his father is dying of cancer, he and the rest of the band travel to Norway, and Toki faces his traumatic past. Several flashbacks are shown including Toki carrying a huge box of fish up a hill, walking in on his parents having sex, sitting with no shirt with bloody gashes all over his back and upper arms (from his father's flogging him), and hanging with his arms in shackles on a wall-- giving another glimpse into Toki's extremely abusive childhood. Toki is then able to reconcile with his father. After this happens, Murderface throws a cherry bomb into the snow, destroying the home Auslaug grew up in, and also killing Toki's father. And, of course, (since William IS William, after all) Toki accepts his apology.
1. Toki makes it rain.
2. In season one, in "Dethkids," Toki's scary, but he comes to his senses, and returns to his old self. Gotta love Toki Wartooth!
by Panada[<3]Puddles December 18, 2008
A brother of the protagonist Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star. He is able to kill people while making them feel utmost pleasure. It's really bizarre to see his victims' smiling faces contort right before their deaths. But he usually uses his skills to aid the infirm, especially since he's Kung-Fu Jesus.
Toki would have been the protagonist of Hokuto no Ken, if only the nuclear holocaust didn't cause him to become irradiated. It was a wonder he even survived.
by IcyHaku July 21, 2015
An irresistibly beautiful young girl. Her name is very unique and rare. She will never fail to put a smile on your face. All the boys fall for her. The most loyal friend is her. Get yourself a Toki.
Damn, she's so beautiful. That's my Toki.
by ally ally loop March 14, 2017
A indian/middle eastern nigga that eats curry and never leaves his moms house
Look it’s a toki you can see it from the window
by HueyDuckTales July 18, 2019