A fearless mate, he would be, an’ the finest buccaneer I ever lay me eyes on. He can swing from the riggin’, cutlass in hand, with war cry to chill ye to the bone. No mortal man could fill his boots as his seabag have the orbs of a binnacle. Drink a man ‘til he be red in the eye, ‘e could, an’ crack another bottle o’ grog fer good measure. A fine figure he cut, like the jib of a clipper. …an’ the lassies, oh the lassies…linin’ up to be his conquest, like flies bearin’ gifts to a spider, they be. With the staff of Poseidon, he slay the wenches, leavin’ ‘em breathless an’ quiverin’. Aye, matey, but Todd be the one…loyal to his captain and mates. He be the one ye turn when somethin’ needs doin’. Like a shark with a seaman’s leg, he’ll never let ‘er go.
Wench: Beggin’ ye pardon, m’ lord, but would Todd be with ye.
Captain: Aye, lassie, but he already be outfit with six young maidens.
Wench: Crap-eth!
by goose_on_a_roof August 21, 2021
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A character on Scrubs that has a habit of turning every sentence into a double entendre, no matter what the cost. May be bisexual, as he has been seen hitting on both men and women. Loves wearing banana hammocks.
Elliott: "Anaconda," isn't that the one with the giant snake?
(The Todd suddenly pops up from behind a counter)
The Todd: (pointing to self) No, this is the one with the giant snake. I was waiting down there for hours.
by JNNC July 16, 2006
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by Todd_ February 23, 2021
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Todd is everybody's friend. Todd is a one of a kind person. Funny awesome and love able. He just is always telling jokes and laughing all the time. If you find a Todd ask him out he probably will say yes. That is how nice he is. Keep him with you until he is gone. He is there for you he is your shoulder to cry on. He is your best friend. You can never get him mad easy and when you do you will be on ground. He is there for you forever.
Girl 1 : Todd is always there for me like the time when Logan tried to punch me.

Girl 2 : Tod is always there for everyone I love him.
by The other guy December 3, 2016
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the most amazing men in the world are Todds. He is sweet, kind, amazingly awesome and super cute.
by ldub2010 February 5, 2010
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Known to have a huge penis, Girls go for Todd's.
I need some Todd tonight!
by The Truthe Street March 10, 2015
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A nice guy who has amazing eyes, is buff and is not to tall. he is sporty but is loyal to just one sport that he loves. Has an amazingly sexy voice. is such a people person and has friends all over the place. not the hottest guy you'll meet but still hot, he makes up for it in his personality.
by Lara598746123 August 7, 2012
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