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Scottish for girl or lass. Usually used affectionaely.
"Have you ever seen a lassie, a lassie, a lassie, have you ever seen a lassie go this way and that?"
by ScottX November 26, 2006
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Verb: When a pet uses body language and/or sounds such as barking or meowing, in order to get a human to follow, as the dog Lassie in the famous former T.V. series.
"My dog always wants to lassie me over to his food dish." "My cat lassied me to go out and see the bird she caught." "That darn animal is always lassieing me!" "Enough with the lassie-ing!"
by huntkitten January 22, 2009
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A Gibraltarian term, meaning "lazy" or "prone to procrastination". Pronounced: lass-AY.
"Siona, don't be so lassie now." "Your lassieness is impacting on your academic performance."
by fammy March 26, 2009
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Dogs in human form, agressive personalities who like fetching things.
What's that Neil, little timmy is trapped down the mine shaft?
by Ed Hann-Job May 28, 2003
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when some one has pigtails and there is one piece hanging out in the middle, this word can also be used to describe any chunk of hair out of place
Hey, you have a lassie.
by daisypenguin April 14, 2010
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