To love someone..
to take pictures of them from a distance
To love someone..
to look at them from a distance
To love someone..
to go for a walk with them from a distance
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 February 15, 2022
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loving someone is:

wanting the best for them, whether it includes you or not.
loving someone
if it comes down to it, even though you may love someone more than anything, you may just have to let them go
by hrtbrkrkll November 9, 2009
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To love someone is to give them your trust and shit and when some one cares about and and do anything for you
I love someone my love anything just for you
by Carlos coy October 1, 2017
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Love: is when two ppl r so on love that u don't no what to do and

when u are alone all you think about is him\her and even when u

are busy doing homework u get side tracked and stop and think about
how nice it would be if he was right thee. With u!! Love is driving by to
look at their house or car just to see if they r their!! Its bringing them
up just so u can say how much u love them!!

Well that's all u can say about love!! Bye=
Boy:so wat r u doing?
Girl: o u no just driving by ur house!
Boy: why?
Girl: becuase I am loving someone!!
by lovelyladie5676 May 11, 2009
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you only wish for their smile.
you always think about that person.
you always think about your future with them.
they make you happy most the time.
seeing them with someone else would make you sad but if they are happy you would still support it.
you are happy if they are happy.
love is like a pet, you feed your pet and take care of it but you never expect anything back.
you would never leave them no matter what.
crush: i dont love someone and i hadn't liked anyone for 2 years
my thoughts: painnn
by RealWifeHaver August 10, 2021
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This really isn't a word it more than that but im here to speak about what some people do for someone they love but in quotes
Words from a friend- I wear uncomfortable clothes to please your wandering eyes
My words- I let you touch me,I was a whore for you, what did i gain from it i ask my self, nothing but fall harder for you
My words- Why act like you love me when you dont..?
Loving someone so hard hurts
by Simp4Xion January 21, 2022
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It's this type of love that makes you hurt. It makes you feel like you were helpless and lying on the ground being stomped on. Nevertheless you will keep trying because you think that's the right thing to do and you're really dumb for doing that. Then you lose your friends because nothing can compare to this one person that you must have otherwise your entire world is miserable. I guess that if you have this type of love you should just get over it and move on . But it's not that easy if they don't treat you like a jerk. It leaves you contemplating life and wondering if you should even live anymore. At least that's what happened for me.
Wow, Dolly looks depressed, why is that?

Who cares?

You're probably loving someone who doesn't love you back.
by Akaksnskd December 16, 2016
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