An old-school saying referring to the fact that a couple is living in sin until they're married. Once married, the bride would be considered an honest woman.
"Joe, you've been dating her for seven years. When are you going to get married and make an honest woman out of her?"
by flobo July 27, 2008
Not true or honest. A blatant lie.
People who use this phrase are almost always lying or joking.
"I am being true and honest when I say I am straight. Get it right you damn dirty trolls."
by unfunny internet man November 30, 2021
A saying that is immediately followed by a lie.
Landlord: I'll be honest, the place doesn't have rats and none of your neighbors are convicted sex offenders.

Potential Tenant: Fuck you scumbag; honestly.
by customfish February 8, 2010
When you say something of undeniable truth or wish to emphasize the meaning of what you just said. The phrase "real talk" is sometimes added in replace of the more impactful "Honest Truth" by douchebags who actually have no deeper meaning behind their words and are most likely lying or trying to fuck you over.
Yo braski you deserve better than that ho. Honest Truth.
by chucksters9 May 14, 2011
Newspaper reader: Oh goshhh, isn't that senator nice with that child? Sure he's a good and honest politician.
Guy: Ma'am, a year ago he was in jail for bribery
Newspaper reader: I said he IS nice.
Guy: Ma'am...
Newspaper reader: *covering her ears* Lalalala I can't hear youuu
by ZenitYerkes December 22, 2009
Simply put the best account on football twitter. Most honest account I've ever meet and exposes how Lord Penaldo is actually a finished statpadder who only shows up vs teams like Crotone,Spezia,Luxembourg,Andorra,Lithuania,etc. The most honest Penaldo fan I have ever met and also he owns Penaldogs.
"Wow did you see Honest Penaldo own that Penaldian" -Twitter User #1

"Yeah he's so honest about his idol Penaldo"- Twitter User #2
by som1udontno April 3, 2021
An erection that is 100% spontaneous and almost always uncontrollable. Typically happening early teen years but rarely past the early 20s.
I have to be careful around Zooey b/c she gives me an honest boner so easily.
by matt5000 June 25, 2010