Used when talking to a friend that doesn't believe you when you call someone a fucking douche.
Pete Hopkins is a very honest guy.
by The Ryan B August 30, 2006
Honest is an acronym for hopelessly obtuse nonsensical everyday sucker truly
The wealthy little old lady, a widow for the eighth time, handed an ad. over the desk at the office of her local newspaper. " Put that in the Personal Contact Me section please " she said to the girl behind the desk " I feel a bit low. The right man might be able to give me a bit of a top up " The ad read " Widow, reliable independent person, with down to earth outlook, seeks honest man who likes simple home cooking. Reply early. Don't be late this may be your Shangri-la "
by Stias October 10, 2005
A phrase used to express the truthfulness of a statement, much like scout's honor. Considered impolite or not politically correct because "injun" is a slang term for an Native American Indian. This phrase has not been in common use for decades.
We never cheat on our taxes -- honest injun!
by ravenwaen January 7, 2010
A dollar you actually worked for, not ripped off from your friend or the Government. People who don't have an Honest Dollar are usually cheap and don't wanna contribute towards the normal expenses of everyday life.
"It's not free to take care of your drunk ass all night, can't you at least contribute an honest dollar?!"
by kyleandmelissa22 January 1, 2012
An individual who engages in playing the field for members of the opposite sex, the only difference to a regular playa is that this species will give you the honest heads up and provide some caveats! They will tell you they are a playa no less, rather than stinging you in the tail later!

Occurs in individuals who like their clean and dirty fun for all with no consequences and with no one getting hurt.
Also happens to individuals who may have had setbacks in their life and so want to catch up.

But at least their letting you know that they are still working themselves out and don't need any commitments.

But thats OK!
Fig Mandem 1: "Hey Shanice, yo I just broke up completely this time with Tyrone. I cried a little, we had some beautiful moments and we will always have them. I'm gonna miss him, I'm upset!

Fig Mandem 2: "He did warn you though that he was an honest playa and still working out what he wants in life and what he likes, whilst still enjoying good times with attractive ladies like yourself."

Fig Mandem 1: "I know, I guess! :D The love is now friendship, never hate, I can't hate him, he didn't lie! :)"
by The_Resurrected October 25, 2018
When someone says something to another person that sounds like an insult but is simply just the cold truth given by someone that doesn't usually understand insults.
John: *chewing food with mouth open like an annoying little prick*
Sam: *has a blank face on while watching John eat* John, your eating habits are disgusting .
John: Sam that bluntly honest of you to say.
by Your ass wipe friend April 2, 2016
something that doesn't exist
Judge: So the knife belonged to you, DNA matches you, the home in which she got murdered belonged to you. Did you murder her?

Honest cop: Nope

Judge: I totally believe you!
by Hotpocketsboy December 7, 2010