When asking someone if they're telling the truth.
John: Your Girl is cheating on you
Nuk: Say Honest
John: Honest
by nukchung May 13, 2017
Honest without regard to hurting the person's feelings.
person #1 Doesn't this skirt look good on me?

person #2 Yea, if you like that "big butt look".
by KristiB June 25, 2005
A job that isn't the best paid but it's useful and legal
Auntie Louisa what do I do now? My girlfriend is pregnant

You get a job and support her the best you can. Even if it's something boring like working in a bakery.

But my mates will laugh at me

There's no shame in honest work that helps you provide for your family
by E.Briggs October 31, 2013
Honest Abe is a term used to announce that you are about to, or are in the process of releasing a silent but deadly fart.
While driving home Mark yelled out "Honest Abe" allowing me ample time to roll down my window. He really is a stand up guy.
by Big Trash January 22, 2013
The most honest a person can be and most honest you can possibly get! EVER!
by Raunchy RahRah November 23, 2009
A.) When a girl claims she's straight but everyone knows otherwise.

B.)Straight girls making lesbian decisions.
A.)"I don't like girls stop saying that!!!"
"Lez be honest, you'd probably fuck her harder than I would."

B.)"Did you see Kim kiss Courtney last night?"
"Lez be honest bro, they both gay."
by dizzlec September 29, 2011
A typical troll account format on NBA Twitter. A user pretends to be an ‘honest’ fan of another player and criticises them in an attempt to give their hate false credibility.
JorPlumber isn’t even top 500 all time, and this is coming from an honest fan of Jordan.
by clickclicker February 20, 2021