Scout's honor is a honorable promise. While saying the words "scout's honor," one must hold up three fingers. So, in today's world when a guy say's "scout's honor," he means he just got three fingers deep in a girl.
Dude, I got with that skank all night, even gave her the 'ol scout's honor.
by BassMaster1987 October 29, 2009
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A hand sign used to represnt a male finger banging a female.
Joey: 2 in the pink on in the stink
Eric:scout's honor
by 'Leesha November 17, 2007
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1. To finger a girl with everything but your thumb and pinky finger.
That girl was so loose, I had to give her Scout's Honor to get her wet.
by NormanB April 2, 2003
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fingering a girl with three fingers while outdoors.
Hayden: yo Jake I totally scouts honored Johns girl last night
Jake: that's live bro
by J O :D April 22, 2016
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The Boy Scout Code of Honor or BSCOH is a code of honor in when an individual encounters another males genitalia, they must respond with a visual presentation of their own genitalia of what they saw. (penis for penis, testicle for testicle). The individual must present theirs to the others in the name of their honor. This phrase was made popular from the show Workaholics. Participating individuals are in no form homosexual for following this code. No judgemental comments or teasing.
Jack: oh shit i just saw your dick!
Mitch: Boy Scout Code of Honor!!! Now you have to show me yours!
Jack: fine
(shows penis)
by Perfecttimes June 28, 2011
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When you 3 finger a girl in the ass then stick your fingers in her mouth.
You don’t want to kiss that girl… Scout’s Honor..
by W1LDON3 May 20, 2023
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