The measure of one having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance.

Seen in certain cases such as the mysterious JJ who's humbility is said to be off the charts
by Smoggs April 11, 2021
a word to describe someone who is not arrogant, as in kelli
"i got an A on the test today"
"really? thats so good!!"
"oh its ok, i dont wanna brag"
"oh, ur so humble"
by tinkymama1695 February 10, 2010
"are you going to Jeff's Humble bro it's this weekend?"
" What did you buy for Jeff's humble?"
" Just some baby socks bro"
by Shaniak1 August 5, 2012
In brat terms - keeping your dominant in line with where he is at or just on edge constantly.
It's my job to humble you to death.
by Little Miss Brat January 27, 2021
Hype song by Kendrick Lamar which starts with a badass riff and at one point has his head on fire in the video
Humble is the best fuckin song ever man
by Chainsmokers August 22, 2017
haley: don't humble me
girl: what does humble mean
haley: that i'm sexy
by chickennoodlesoupies January 20, 2021
Generally anything positive, flashy or "different"
derek's humble as shit...

person one: she really walked out on him

person two: that's not humble...

person 1: she got some big titties...

person: off the humble yeahh....
by Modicking Shithead May 23, 2014