When you get that nipple rising erection from something hot and sexy
I felt titilated when he called me his fucking whore and pulled my hair and smacked my bare ass!
by Cricket May 9, 2014
To excite or arouse. Well-known for its first three letters.
Mai's rack titillated her opponent.
by gs68 November 22, 2004
n., Excitement, usually Sexual or romantic, causing a hard on of the pecker and/or clit and nipples, but it may occur with other forms of thrill-seeking, such as extreme sports, extreme amusement park rides, or space monkey.

The occurrence of tit as the first syllable of titillation is purely coincidental.

v. form, titillate.
The road between Merced Falls and Hornitos, where it passes around the buttes, has such perfect hills for a roller coaster ride that little kids get titillation riding in a car driving on it.
by Downstrike December 24, 2005
1.To stimulate by touching lightly; tickle.
2.To excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically.
i titillate your mom last night and she enjoyed it
by j 2 tha tizzy May 9, 2005
Vibration of the mammaries, usually during jogging or physical activity.
Yo, did you see that when she jogged by? That was some serious titillation goin' on!
Something so amazing that you can feel the tingle of excitement in your titties.
The Dubulge in that guy's sweatpants was titilizing.
by Debulgers June 27, 2012
One who performs an act of titillation.
"Rick is such a titillator. I can't help but feel titillated by his total titillitious titillation."
by El Ricko April 5, 2006