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A center of learning, where one usually spends, depending on the country he/she lives in, about 10-12 difficult but worthwhile years learning information from teachers who, while boring at times, are understanding and will help students to succeed in school. The information learned in school is needed to function when they get a job, get money from said job, move out and get a nice home using said money, and live a great, independent life thanks to said home.

Anarchic losers will refuse to learn, thinking they will never use such info again, assume they are smarter than their teachers, wonder why they fail classes (does doing your damn work ring a bell?), and will spend the rest of their lives working at a fast food restaurant or a department store, and blame it all on the education system.
<Smart person> Well, just one year of school to go, time to start looking into what career I should pursue. I could be making about what, $70,000 a year?

<Dumb person> well just one year of skool 2 go. how did i get f's, the teachers r saying "Do your homework, study for tests, and think about how much better your future will be if you just did those two things in the first place!" i dunt kno wut that means, but wutever it is its gay
by gs68 September 25, 2004
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What muscle car fanboys always compare their cars to, or assume is the only Japanese car ever made, despite the existence of other Japanese cars that are much more suited for racing.

That aside, a Civic is an economy car that yields good gas mileage (around 40 mpg). Unfortuantely, there are a handful of young reckless drivers out there who take their Civics and rice them out (read: rape them), giving Civics and their owners a bad name.
<Random person A> I drive a 1963 Corvette that is on the verge of self-destructing. And you?
<Random person B> I drive a Mazd--


<Random person C> I drive a Civic.
<Random person D> OMG WTF RICER *takes out AK-47 and points it at RPC*
<Random person C> ...what? I only use it for going from point A to point B, I never think about using it to rac--
<Random person D> *blows RPC's head off anyway*
<Random person C's ghost> ...idiot.
by gs68 October 5, 2005
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An Asian- or Filipino-American who claims to have pride in his or her native country yet has little knowledge of it.
<Random Filipino> AzN pride!
<gs68> Okay, if you have so much damn pride in your country, would you mind telling me what "pasalubong" means?
<RF> wut?
<gs68> AHA! Just as I thought!
by gs68 August 19, 2004
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What a vast majority of people, particularly those on UrbanDictionary, are becoming.
<Random smart person> You're stupid!
<Random stupid person> whuts stupid
<Random smart person> *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
by gs68 June 19, 2005
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An online dictionary where people write defintions of slang terms. Unfortunately, there are more than a handful of users who love nothing more than to make insulting definitions that do not define the term they are "defining" at all.
<Good Urban Dictionary user> Okay, here's my defintion for "civic": A cheap and reliable economy car good for everyday driving.
<Bad Urban Dictionary user> *reads GUDS's definition* What the fuck, that's bullshit. It's a faggot car that gay-ass AzN gangstas rice the shit out of. I hate Civics and their drivers, all of them! AND I HATE COLORED PEOPLE TOO, FOR NO REASON, WHITE POWER LOLZ
by gs68 October 1, 2005
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Unnaturally large breasts on a girl in a hentai picture. Term coined by users on SCARZ, shortly after girls with such breasts were banned from a hentai topic.
I almost got suffocated under a pair of meteor boobs.
by gs68 September 2, 2004
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Stands for either:

1. Microsoft.
2. MySpace.
3. MapleStory.

among other things...
1. I used MS Word the other day to type up an essay.
2. I deleted some friends on MS.
3. I got kill-stealed on MS for the 50 millionth time.
by gs68 June 28, 2006
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