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An online dictionary where people write defintions of slang terms. Unfortunately, there are more than a handful of users who love nothing more than to make insulting definitions that do not define the term they are "defining" at all.
<Good Urban Dictionary user> Okay, here's my defintion for "civic": A cheap and reliable economy car good for everyday driving.
<Bad Urban Dictionary user> *reads GUDS's definition* What the fuck, that's bullshit. It's a faggot car that gay-ass AzN gangstas rice the shit out of. I hate Civics and their drivers, all of them! AND I HATE COLORED PEOPLE TOO, FOR NO REASON, WHITE POWER LOLZ
by gs68 September 30, 2005

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"Be right back." No longer taken literally, people just say it when they are going to be gone for any amount of time, whether it be 20 seconds or 20 minutes.
Random person: brb
gs68: ok

<45 seconds later...>

gs68: Screw you! *leaves*

<2 hours later...>

Random person: back...hey were did dat fagot go
by gs68 December 21, 2004

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A word used by the ignorant majority to describe any piece of electronic music.
I listened to Super Eurobeat vol. 158. Wow, that's some pretty good techno!
by gs68 June 26, 2005

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By far the best game in the universe. GameSpot, G4TV, and everyone else who says it sucks are LYING.

It's got brake slammin', CB talkin' action, 1000s of miles of highways and byways across America, and best of all, this game lets you win every time. YOU'RE WINNER! But watch out for the Ultimate Traffic Stopper: A Police Roadblock!
<Random person> Hey, I got a new game!
<gs68> What it is?
<Random person> Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing!
by gs68 April 08, 2005

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A letter, often containing a story, that promises something good if sent to x people (or in the case of MySpace, reposted) in y minutes, and often comes with a consequence if not reposted.

These are very popular on MySpace, and in some cases chain letters threaten account deletion if not reposted. They are very annoying and clutter up the bulletins.

These letters are NOT TRUE. Trust me; I've ignored various chain letters with something along the lines of "repost or you will die" and I'm still alive and well. If I do die, it will have nothing to do with a chain letter.
<Random person A> I got one of those chain letters. If I don't repost this by midnight tonight then I apparantly will be killed off by a ghost. What do I do?
<Random person B> Ignore it. Whoever made that is trying to clutter up e-mail servers.
by gs68 May 15, 2005

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Stands for one-credit clear--beating a game, usually an arcade game that isn't a racer, rhythm game, or a fighting game, without continuing at all.

Antonym: credit feeding
Finally, I 1CC'ed Gradius V. I'm gonna go take a break for now.
by gs68 December 13, 2004

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To excite or arouse. Well-known for its first three letters.
Mai's rack titillated her opponent.
by gs68 November 21, 2004

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