A tipper is someone who is the most awesome guy in the world because his awesomeness just tips the scales. He is amazing all year round, every season, every month and every day. He's so cool, cooler than a tub of mango and cream icecream. But did i mention at the same time he's hot? hotter than the sahara desert. He's the finest Tipper you'll get. Awesome, funny, sexy and when you get to know the Tipper I'm talking about, he'll tip your heart scales toward the 'fall in love' direction. He's one sexy guy with a fantastic outlook on life who is going to be a great man Tipping all sorts of scales! Tipper is a Topper!
girl 1: have you met the sexy dude who's just amazing beyond measurable?
girl 2: ohhhh yeahhhh... his name is Tipper! :)
by yo-homie-g July 02, 2010
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A person of very limited use.

Origin west midlands, England

Very much the same as a knob end or dick head.
"Lift it up you fokkin Tipper"
by Bobby Kanker August 14, 2003
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A young male boy, who is gullible to just about anything.
Shop Assistant: 'Oh yeah, this phone is also mayonnaise resistant'

Tippers: 'Well that's good news then, I'll take it!'
by Boon12121 May 21, 2010
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A term used for when one pours a large sum of alcohol in their glass to act 'big', and are unable to finish it, therefore tipping their glass away. Generally at a park or at a mates house.
Person 1: OH MY GOD!! Are you actually going to drink that?!
Person 2: OH HELL YEAH
Person 3: What the hell is she doing?!
Person 2: I told you she can't finish it.
Person 2: Oh my days, she is SUCH a tipper!
by Samurai_Jackson February 13, 2008
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A big raised up 4 wheel drive truck/Jeep. Usually hooked up with whomp (sound system) and willy wonks (color tires).
Damn you see them taffy tire on Malik's new tipper?
by Juice Boxxx August 29, 2009
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A man who enjoys Tipping his penis off another mans penis or another 'Tippers' for sexual pleasure !
Sean enjoys tipping with any man in sight ! Hence hes a tipper !

Sean enjoys victimising his friends, once victimised they are called 'tipping victims' ! These include Steve, Rob and Eoin.
by Deuce Bigalo......male jigalo January 28, 2008
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When chewing tobacco, after you put a dip in your lip, you put a little dip more on top so you have something to actually nibble on.
I always put a tipper in as well so I can really chew.
by masternoob720 May 29, 2010
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