He has really good strength and very good at climbing the best man to please woman or a lot at the one time great hair he is the type of guy that everyone loves especially the girls he is into blond or strawberry blond girls he is the king of all gods
Man I wish I was Eoin
by #the shhdjdf February 11, 2019
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Someone with a humongous penis. Is a tower of strength. Has dark hair and tanned skin. Extemely intelligent and kind and gets on with everyone. You are very lucky if you know an Eoin. Other guys are very jealous of him as all girls are attracted to him. Knows how to please a woman or many women. People named Eoin are referred as the king of all Gods.
Man, I wish I was an Eoin.

He's always has the best looking girls
by Anonymous1928374650 December 21, 2013
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Eoin absolutely obliterated my pussy last night. He is a absolute god in the sheets
by SexgodWillSiu March 27, 2020
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John: Hey who's that?
Bob: That's eoin
John: What's he like?
Bob: He's alright
by Dudycjtdhgjekd June 3, 2014
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Eoin is a simple person. He usually likes simple things like uncle bens. He tries to be ambitious and most of the time succeeds (for example: making bread from scratch). Eoin is a guy that’ll get your dirty jokes and will most likely tell you to stop, because he can get very awkward very easily, but don’t let this put you off a guy you meet named Eoin because he’s meh 😂
He is so meh today, so Eoiny!
by Whodoyouthink?? May 5, 2019
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Eoin is always a usually a 6 foot + guy . Eoin is mostly Ginger. All Eoins have big penises , it’s a fact. Usually 10+ inches , don’t fight it it’s the truth . He is a funny , chatty , sound lad
Man I want to sit on Eoin badly
by chepdmrl February 13, 2020
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One of a mass of people with the same name who all have the tendency to hate one another, due of course to the shared name. Even they think we should start killing off some of the Eoins, for there are far too many around...
There are too many Eoin's around, what do you say we... dispose of... a few of them?
by Noel... October 18, 2010
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