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A typicall boy , girl name originally from Zimbabwe.
Tinashe usually a guy thats got SWAG attracts a lot of girls and is a little bit of a flirt.
Tinashe"s are hot , cute guys that have nice wonderful hearts and are very nice , loving, kind,sporty,helpful and a true gentlemen.

Loyal, Generous, Handsome individual (s), who is/are without a doubt the very best person to love. Tinashe(s) is/are Intelligent, Subtle, Strong, Rock-like Men. They are the best Friends and very best Lovers.
No matter what happens to me, good or bad, I can be happy because I have Tinashe
Kid: Wow, he's such a Tinashe

Other Kid: I know right?
kid : he is definately a Tinashe
by soccerkid181 January 16, 2012
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One of the real names of a girl who goes by Tina for short. She has many of the characteristics of a girl named Tina, except of the fact that she's a Zimbabwean bombshell
Did you know Tina's real name was Tinashe? I didn't. That makes more sensse, she's an African hottie.
by 17981 September 07, 2010
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A female singer who is known more for her sexy looks than her actual singing and music. Tinashe is also bisexual.
Tom: Bro, do you follow Tinashe on instagram?
Bob: Hell yeah, she bad as shit. I love to wank to the pics she posts of herself, damn she's so fine!
Tom: Yeah I know. Do you like her music?
Bob: What? She makes music?
Tom: Yes, but that's not what most guys follow her for. She has tons of followers on instagram who jack off to her but when she releases a song nobody supports it.
by Icy Wyte December 28, 2017
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A boy who is jiggy as fuck. He can steal your girl and eat chicken at your aunties house.
That guy is Tinashe.
by July 26, 2018
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A (currently) flopping singer, known for selling about 64 copies of her latest album.
Did you see how badly She's Coming did on the charts? It tanked harder than Tinashe
by Prince_Naega June 11, 2019
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