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When you make a sandwich with one piece of bread and you fold it over itself to close it
I wasn't that hungry so I made a fold over.
by Lynn July 12, 2004
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The act of pulling the foreskin of one man's penis forward and covering the head of another man's penis.
Ryan gave Mark a foldover and felt the texture of Mark's penis against his foreskin.

by steve1979 September 22, 2007
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A prank in which the prankster, in a public restroom, poops into a newspaper, folds it back up, and leaves it in the stall or "bay" for a future occupant. The future occupant then picks up the paper after settling in, and opens it to find human excrement.
Mr. Williams, don't use bay 2. One of the guys on our team left a foldover in that one.
by mescfish January 11, 2006
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1. A foldover is a piece of common white bread spread with any ingredient then folded in half. 2. A white trash version of a taco. 3. Someone not having the courage to go through with a plan.
1. She made her mother a mash potato & mustard foldover. . Tom is such a foldover because he couldn’t ask his boss for a raise.
by lithomaniac July 02, 2018
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