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That guy you know who always seems to have it going his way. He isn't the coolest kid but he has his choice of friends. The people that dont know him well look at him and see a kind, attractive, athletic, and natural leader. The people that do know him well see him as a loyal and loving friend that will you give you the shirt off his back. Everyone that finds one is sure to keep them close.
Norm Girl: What's it like to be with any guy you want?

(Bombshell): Messin around is always fun, but I hope I will find a Tillman later.

Norm Girl: What's a Tillman?

(Bombshell): Perfection in a guy, you'll know when you meet one.
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by The experience d guy April 22, 2017
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a very gay person! Small penis. Looks like a babygirl with a soft babyskin. No muscle at all. Stupid. Lame.
Look there's a tilman! Let's penetrate him!!!
by Dr big dick December 03, 2014
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