Slang term for a man with a huge penis. Generally the term is used on a man that has a very thick and very long penis both unerect and erect.
Larry: Bend over you bitch and take my big schlong!
Barry: Stick that big schlong up my arse! Yeh!
Larry: You like it like that don't 'cha bitch!?
by Simon Whiteside February 3, 2005
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A man who's penis is big, and I mean BIG. If you piss him off prepare for a Schlong Slap to the cheeks. If he makes you his bitch then you must carry his MASSIVE Schlong around church, Walmart, and funerals.
Jasmine was feeling extra horny, so Big Schlong Mike gave her a Schlonkey that she felt for a week.
by Big Schlong Mike March 11, 2020
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The act of organising or executing a delivery with military precision
Hey did you see that guy craig load that drop deck for frank, that was a big schlong loadout
by Halcon July 29, 2023
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I stuck my Big Long Schlong in her asshole

Hey bro did you see Jeremy's big long shlong in the locker room the other day?

It was almost as big as uncle Eddy!
by Yourdadymom May 6, 2021
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A penis bigger than the avarage african male's.
Dis niBBa got a big nigga schlong!
by minileraan January 11, 2018
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An organization with members around the world that recruits only those deemed to have "Big long Schlongs."

The current size required to join the club are unknown however it is believed that the minimum is 8 inches. Most receive membership after making their girth known to as many people as possible, once word has been spread you may find a phone call or letter that details your joining of the club.

As far as anyone knows this is still not a pyramid scheme.
"Hey Trish have you heard?"

"Heard what chad?"

"I got into the Big Long Schlong Club."

by MurderDuck May 28, 2022
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