beautiful boy with a good sense of humor.
He gives you all the attention you need and sometimes too much.
You can‘t look away from his smile or his eyes. He‘s cute and has a biiiig dick.
Oh that boy ober there, thats Till!“
by prayforme September 1, 2019
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Basically a hoe, For everybody, same as bop
She a whole till boi
by ChiSlangg July 2, 2019
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The world's greatest lead singer. Known for his deep voice, singing in his native tounge of German, and love of fire. He is the singer in the German band Rammstein.
by Neo 01 July 31, 2004
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Only the Hottest Man on the face of the Planet. Till Lindemann is a very talented Singer of the German Industrial Band, Rammstein. No, "Du Hast" does NOT mean "You Hate", it means "You have". And no, the song is NOT about baking a cake. He is a Beautiful, and Talented man, who any woman would be lucky to get raped by. He is NOT a Nazi, and he does NOT worship satan, and he is NOT a Wife Beater, as the German tabloids claim he is.
"Wow, did you hear why Susie isn't at work?"
"No, why?"
"She saw Till Lindemann and fainted!"
by Ian January 11, 2004
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You coming out tonight bruv?

Nah mate I aint got the till for it.
by TenMen June 13, 2012
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Beautiful eyes that can see through led with undoubted sapience, yet convey misleading innocence . Exquisite, full, rose pink lips that could turn a beast to a prince with one kiss. A smile that could melt any heart, no matter how tough.
This is a girl that knows how to get what she wants and does so with majestic elegances. A girl easy to fall for but hard to forget. She is usually French, and like to eat a lot. She is also very competitive so you should let her win, just to make her THINK she is better than you. Overall she would make a very good friend, girl friend, sister, wife, mother etc. And i am happy that i met her and that she is my new french friend :)

(be careful she doesn't steal your clothes, literally)
Tilleli - Coolest girl i ever met
by I am her Brother February 23, 2013
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Well, we'll be together till apostrophes 'll do part.
by Hercolena Oliver December 30, 2009
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