typically untalented goofy mfs who think they can dance
yes guys im a tiktoker”
“shut the fuck up goofy ass jit go dance to ur music”
by Kobitooooo April 19, 2022
a person who wastes their life on a dumb app called tiktok

also subscribe to my yt channel CallMeCeeBea ok bye
oh so they sold their soul into a dumb app to try to pass charli damelio, they must be a Tiktoker.
by CallMeCeeBea May 29, 2020
An app mostly used for comedy, Or sometimes even lips sync, The most trending on tiktok is Vsco girls. Don't forget ANNA OPP- SKSKSK
Yo I saw a famous tiktoker at the park doing a tiktok.
by Jenna annaopp September 1, 2019
Tiktokers are creators who make videos

Lip-synching, singing, dancing, being funny, doing art and more.

Some tiktokers are @itsselmo @iitspayton @lukiepukieee @konnor_legault @nessaabarrett @milo.murfy and many more great creators
“Have you guys seen iitsPayton he’s a tiktoker

Look at this new dance, all the tiktokers are doing it”
by OG that’s me July 20, 2019
Mauricio is a famous tiktoker who goes by @Mauricío on the app with over 100k followers
by Claudia Vasquez June 19, 2019
TikTok = bullshit
TikTok is bullshit
by DGKTree June 20, 2021