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An app mostly used for comedy, Or sometimes even lips sync, The most trending on tiktok is Vsco girls. Don't forget ANNA OPP- SKSKSK
Yo I saw a famous tiktoker at the park doing a tiktok.
by Jenna annaopp August 31, 2019
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Tiktokers are creators who make videos

Lip-synching, singing, dancing, being funny, doing art and more.

Some tiktokers are @itsselmo @iitspayton @lukiepukieee @konnor_legault @nessaabarrett @milo.murfy and many more great creators
“Have you guys seen iitsPayton he’s a tiktoker

Look at this new dance, all the tiktokers are doing it”
by OG that’s me July 20, 2019
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A Tik Toker is a person from ages 7 up who believe that all females belong in the kitchen and that furries are bad (they are). Tik Tokers create shitty content that is mass produced and mass reproduced by using an exerpt from a song such as “Hit or Miss”.
Look at that Tik Toker portraying that female as a thing that is only good for making food for her man.

That Tik Toker is beating up a furry because animals don’t have rights.
by ThotSlayer69xd November 27, 2018
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cringe people i watch for fun
hey what’s up, why’re you so tired?
oh it’s because i stood up all night watching cringe tiktokers.
by vscoeggoskskskk October 06, 2019
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A person that is addicted to the app and cant stop 'hitting' the woah and doing the dances and posts very cringy 'tik toks'
Tik tokers: "I was fighting some demons"
by Yämïńə October 12, 2019
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Braindead incels that have no idea what other people are thinking, but they think they do.

The only thing dumber than a Tik Toker is someone who thinks tik tok is good
Person 1: did josh just say 9/11 was an inside job?
Person 2: yeah, he must be a Tik Toker
by I hate all people. December 14, 2019
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