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Tia is beautiful, smart, modest and independent person. She’s a great dancer and very artist. People love her personality because she’s always herself around everyone. Tia’s are very well known and most likely popular but doesn’t know. Even though she likes everyone for who they are she doesn’t like fake people. She keeps her circle small with only people she knows she can trust. Although she’s very polite and organized she can tell you about yourself and go off on you. It’s really easy to fall in love with Tia but it’s not the same way for her. She has a really hard time trusting ppl so until u prove to her that your trust is real the relationship isn’t going to happen.
Boy 1: Wow who’s that
Boy 2: That’s Tia you can’t have her, I’ve been trying to get her for months

Boy 1: Maybe you aren’t trying hard enough, but to late she’s mine now.
by Honsjskensh April 14, 2019

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