Used when someone is talking shit. Stop talking shit etc.
Dante says: I r0xxed j00 at CS
Kaine says: No Smack Thx
by Kaine June 24, 2004
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It simply means; Ok thanks
ie k, thx 4 ur help
k thx for your help
by Guedo November 16, 2006
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A sentence usually used by women to make men feel themselves in the friendzone, to subtly let them know that they do not have mutual feelings towards the other.
W: “I’m so lonely these days...I wonder if I’ll ever have someone in my life : / “
M: “Don’t be like that... You know, you should look closer and you might discover love where you didn’t even see earlier. ;)”
W: “Nice tip! I’ll keep that in mind, thx bro ^^
by Bubblegum653 February 5, 2019
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The most epic sound that will ever grace your ears
I heard the THX intro at a movie theatre today and came in my pants twice
by UltimateDoge December 30, 2022
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The THX logo made a loud noise in the theatres and made the audience deaf.
by Delta+ June 6, 2021
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When someone does something for you and you thank them but ur gey
Tim: k here’s ur phone
Jim: thx dad
by Imjustsomeguy21 May 22, 2018
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A frequent email reply from your MD (Managing Director) in consulting and finance roles. It literally translates, “Please fix, thanks.” but more accurately translates: “Fix this ASAP and don’t fuck up again.”
Your email: “Please see the attached projection, we are expecting negative cash balances in years 3 and 4.”

MD’s reply email: “pls fix, thx.”
by UrAButtHead May 9, 2020
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