A commonly used word for the lazy asses, who dont have the energy to type "6" letters.
man:You have a big ass, ass.
man:You dumbass.
by ...White Female. November 12, 2004
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That logo that used to scare the shit out of you when you were a kid
You as a kid: I'm gonna watch a movie
THX: I am here bitch
You as a kid: MOMMY!!!!!
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A scary logo from my childhood that used to make me so scared that I would run away 😔
*puts VHS tape in VCR*
Me:Aaah, such a nice movie so far.

*THX comes on*

Me:*runs and hides*
by Awesome Bloxy January 30, 2022
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ok thanks is a way to piss someone off at the end of a sentence. Letting them know what a retard they are and that you have the last word.
Youre an idiot and I hate you. Suck it k thx.
by JasonB July 25, 2006
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Even better than Netflix and chill and IMAX and CLIMAX. The THX intro comes on and you nut like you never nutted in your life.
Miles: I'm gonna Netflix and chill later.
Clay: You should definitely IMAX and CLIMAX way better.
Alex: Have y'all heard of THX and Sex? Best sex everrr.
by WoahBreaux February 25, 2016
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